Tunsoare clasică Ghid pas cu pas Pasul nr. 1

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Pasul nr. Number: 
Classic Cut: Preparation


Before you start your haircut:

  • complete your Consilierea clientului şi analiza părului;
  • with your client, decide how long the cut should be; and
  • make sure your client is wearing a protective gown and is sitting comfortably.

Men's Tunsoare clasică

This haircut using cross-layering techniques with Straturi paralele. It is completed in three stages:

  • side areas
  • layering

Side areas

Use diagonal sections throughout the side and s of this cut. A diagonal Împărţirea pe porţiuni pattern helps to reduce length and weight at the side and nape areas.

Take your first section from the front hairline to just in front of the ear. Keep your fingers parallel to the section and cut the hair inside your fingers.

Clean up the side area before moving Faţa rotundăa to the .

Take a diagonal section from behind the ear to the nape hairline. Keep your fingers parallel to the section. This will help you cut the hair following the shape of the hairline.

As you work through your sections across the back of the head, elevate each section. Keep your fingers parallel to your diagonal Împărţirea pe porţiuni pattern.

Work from behind the ear across the centre of the back of the head to the nape area on the opposite side. When you cross over the centre back you are using the cross-layering technique. Using this technique will make it easier for you to blend in your side areas.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

As you work across the , start to incorporate your Ghidline. This will allow you to cross-check your haircut and to see the shape developing.

Remember that balance is very important and you should check your cut at every stage. Be careful to maintain your diagonal sections and keep your fingers parallel to the Împărţirea pe porţiuni pattern.


Separate the front area from the . At the front of the crown, take a section across from one side to the other. Holding the hair at 90 degrees to the headshape and cut.

Work this Împărţirea pe porţiuni pattern forwards towards the front hairline.

Blend in the . Take a profile line from the top of the crown down towards thenape area. Your Ghidline will be at the top of the crown. Pivot your profile line out from the centre and blend in your Ghidline.

You have already cut the so you should run out of hair quite quickly.